A Miracle Christmas

miracle-christmas.pngIn addition to East Tennessee’s coldest Christmas of record, Meredith McClain is not yet fully recovered from grief due to the loss of her husband and son in a wintry accident a few years earlier. Seemingly déjà vu adds yet another challenge when she is forced to choose between aiding a boy sitting alone on a park bench in freezing temperatures and attending the corporate Christmas party that is of career importance to her fiancé. Her choice is easy but the consequences entwine her in multiple challenges, not only by nature, not only her relationship with her fiancé, but her own life becomes threatened by extreme and impossible situations that can only find resolution through the miracle power of faith.

About “A Miracle Christmas,” Award-winning and best-selling Romance Novelist Deborah Grace Staley says: “Willis Baker's prose is the perfect blend of warmth and southern charm.”

Mourning Tide

mountain-tide.png Coupled with the 'divine word' and the ‘things that are made’, the Creator left a clear demonstration of his power, purpose, and perpetuity. The sea is the greatest earthly force exerted upon the temporal life and world of man. Therefore the sea is likewise the greatest metaphor in which he who seeks can see and understand the spiritual forces exerted upon the soul of man. In the balance of system, symmetry, and sustenance the tides give to sea, earth, day, and night, is also revealed the influences that both challenge and conciliate the wondrous dualities in life: divinity and humanity, friendship and enmity, love and hate, life and death, damnation and redemption.

Because of the Adamic origin and evolution of man’s intellect, he loses consciousness of the fact that he is neither omnipotent nor omniscient, his science flawed, and his interest purely egocentric. Though beautiful and factual, in the sea and its tides are mournful reminders that these powers could never originate nor evolve through any entity subject to them. Thus, in these poems is the attempt to remind, remember, recognize, and respect the Author of these forces, and to advantage ourselves of the true enlightenment in them.

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